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Custom application development and Cloud migration

If you are looking for a JAVA or an AWS Expert the you have come to the right place!

- I have 20+ years experience and am an expert in JAVA application development. Spring, hibernate, Drools, JPA, JMS, Camel, Spring Boot....
- micro-services written in JAVA on the RedHat Fuse Source framework (OSGi, ServiceMix, Camel routes, EIP patterns)

- SQS (Simple Queue Service), SNS (Simple Notification Service): Using these 2 AWS services for messaging queues and topics you can easily decouple events from your API for other services (internal and external) to consume and act on.
- Kinesis: If you need real time data stream analysis, event triggering, replay, then I can help.
- Lambda: Go is preferred, but I can use any of the popular languages offered. Python, NodeJS, or JAVA.
- API Gateway: Creating scalable APIs from your companies services can be done quickly and securely. I have extensive experience with the API Gateway and know how to avoid all the gotchas that others wont.
- S3: Whether your creating a data lake, storing objects for customers, event triggering, static web site, signed urls... I am well versed in S3 and can help you there as well.
- Custom Prebuilt Packages: Are you looking for a custom authorizer for your API Gateway, an email lambda that works with SES, or a combo S3 url signer / emailer for Digital sales fulfillment? Then check my packages available for immediate download. They include full source code and training videos.
Please contact me for more information or to discuss your project. Got to Pre-Built Packages

Why lambadog.com?

  • We are dogged determined (it's a southern thing) to exceed your expectations in delivery and quality of your AWS project. Since we have over 20 years of experience in many areas of software engineering there is no doubt we will become an asset to your project. We have experienced engineers that have worked for companies in fields like medical software (Philips, Star Solutions, HSS, modeMD) Industrial projects for companies like Exxon Mobile, and Caterpillar. Hospitality software including interfacing with POS systems for Dometic minibar, GPS location Services, Nortel and the list goes on.
  • Although Our current focus is helping to migrate any new or current systems to the cloud, we only work with AWS, and since most projects will involve API Gateway and lambda functions which we really, really love to write, we no longer are just code monkeys and now call ourselves lambda dogs.
  • We have many of the same traits as dogs, responsive to our customers needs, loyalty, prefer new toys (technology) to old ones, prefer to earn our treats.
  • Finally, since lambdadog.com with a 'd' was taken we decided we really like lambadog.com without the 'd ' better. It just really roles off the tongue. Socks and t-shirts available soon.
it's never been easier to get started, make first contact so we can get started on your next AWS project. lambadog.com is an offshoot of Send A Guru, LLC, which has been an on-site and remote provider of software professionals to Small and large companies since 1996. We are committed to quality and delivering on time and as promised.

Lambadog.com is a small consulting company (less than 10 full time employees and partners). We have architects (experienced in integrations of all types, AWS Certified associates, Denodo certified), Senior developers (JAVA 1.4 - 1.8), and mobile iOS developers (Objective-C, Swift, PhoneGap/Cordova). We do project based SOW or time and materials agreements. We can provide special structures to suite different needs.

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